About Us

What Is I.C.(E) Boards

I.C.(E) Boards is a Skate Clothing Brand based in Nottingham, England. 

Bringing a mix of Art and Fashion, but also a passion for Skateboarding to; Male, Female, Young and Mature Skaters Worldwide. 

What Does The Brand Name I.C.(E) Boards Mean

The 'E' for ICE is in brackets to make the I C and Boards Stand out.

Which represents that in the skate world it is the board, the tricks and how good you are as a skater or just your love for the sport that matters. And not whether you are Male, Female, young or old!

Which is also why the board is covering the face on the logo.

Why Have The I.C.(E) Boards Designs Been Drawn

I.C.(E) Boards USP (Unique Selling Point) is the incorporation of art and that all of our designs have been hand drawn which makes our brand original and unique.

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